On-location Shoot

  • 2 – 3 hours shooting time
  • A time & location to be decided with the client
  • Any style, theme, look (within reason!)
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Post-production Editing

  • Each post-produced image is colour corrected, contrast tuned, retouched and/or graded
  • Each photo takes roughly 20 minutes to post-produce per image
  • Minimum post production editing: 3 images / 1 hour
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3:1 Artistic Editing

  • Artistic edit samples
  • Each 3:1 artistic piece is heavily colour corrected, contrast tuned, retouched, Photoshopped and/or graded
  • Each artistic piece takes anywhere from 2 hours up to several hours of editing to produce per image
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The output package

The client will receive:

  • ~50 unedited picks
  • The full resolution post-production edits (and optional artistic edits) to be used on personal websites, blogs, portfolios and/or social media pages
  • Any edits Elliot Friedman produces separately to the clients picks, free of charge*
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The fine print
  • Copyright
    • Elliot Friedman retains full copyright over all images produced
    • Elliot Friedman reserves the right to post, display, publish, sell and/or distribute any image produced**
  • Two-way crediting
    • Elliot Friedman will image-tag/description-@mention the client in all Instagram posts unless otherwise specified by the client
    • The client must credit Elliot Friedman in the form of an image-tag and description-@mention in all displayed/posted images
  • Fees
    • The client must settle the “On-location shoot” fee upfront, prior to the shoot
  • Image use
    • The client may display/post any image provided in “The output package” on their personal websites, blogs, portfolios and/or social media profiles only
  • Expanded use
    • The client must not sell on images provided in “The output package” to other entities/individuals/companies
    • The client must not a). use any software/apps or b). use/pay a third party to edit/retouch/manipulate any images provided in “The output package”
    • The client must negotiate a licensing fee with Elliot Friedman for images that the client would like to publish, distribute, edit, retouch, manipulate, and/or sell on to other entities/individuals/companies

*Edits produced separately by Elliot will be thematic image-series posted on Elliot’s Instagram feed and website. These edits are not considered part of the minimum of 3 edits / 1 hour post production work requirement.

**Elliot will always seek aesthetic/moral/ethical approval from the client prior to posting/displaying/publishing/selling/distributing images. In cases where very few images are deemed suitable by the client, Elliot will manipulate images to a degree that meets the clients aesthetic/moral/ethical requirements allowing for the posting/displaying/publishing/selling/distributing of images.

The form